Haas Coffee is a place that charms and enchants all the senses. From the opulent smell of roasted and ground coffee beans to delicious baked goods, sumptuous breakfasts and lunches, soothing music and eclectic art, it’s truly an experience. Everything about Haas Coffee is unique, from the specially designed crockery to the staff, the varied crowd and the atmosphere. Although it originated from people wanting to savour the art over a cup of java, today Haas Coffee has a following all of its own and its coffee is rated as highly as the art.



Coffee at Haas is considered an art form in itself, therefore great care was taken in sourcing the finest beans from around the world. The result is a variety of single origin coffees from places as distant as Brazil and Indonesia. Next time you pop by, delight in Ethiopian, Guatemalan or Colombian single origin coffees or be mesmerized by the deliciously complex Haas blend – a true masterpiece. Those who prefer something even more exotic should definitely sample the delectably smooth Jamaican Blue Mountain – shade grown on the misty slopes of the Jamaican mountains at an altitude of 1700m or higher and hand-picked to select only the most perfect beans. Then there is Black Insomnia, officially the world’s strongest coffee, and produced right here in Cape Town. It packs a 200% more caffeine punch, sure to keep you going till next week. To sample these or any of the other equally intriguing beans, chat to the baristas and have them create the perfect cup for you.