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About the haas collective

Deep in the heart of the CBD, you’ll find a magical place filled with unique treasures. Haas (the Afrikaans word for “rabbit”) was born from the wild ideas, passions and endless conversations of creative minds, Glynn Venter, Francois Irvine and Tess Berlein. Their dream was to create a hub and an inspiring space where things of beauty could be featured in all shapes and sizes. But more than that, they wanted to give talented individuals a platform to showcase their work.

However, what started out as a home of edgy collectables and one-of-a-kind, quirky art pieces (Haas Design) quickly leaped to Haas Coffee, as the demand for enjoying a cup of coffee, while savouring the beauty and energy of this unusual hub, grew. It didn’t stop there though… It also naturally developed into Haas Advertising – the voice and third pillar of the collective. In 2014, Tarryn Burton joined as a Director and together, they have created a hidden gem with twists around every corner – a mesmerizing space that beckons one and all.



How the collective works

It is simply about collaboration. Each Haas division housed under the collective is interconnected. It’s a collective of creative enterprises that feeds off and contributes to each other’s energy and strengths. Haas Design puts the collective in touch with up and coming artists, photographers, illustrators and more, while Haas Coffee draws the crowds and facilitates interaction. Haas Advertising, in turn, builds the collective as a brand, while also driving communication for other partners. It’s a process that brings together like-minded people in a beautiful setting with great coffee.